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Sankar Foundation’s Rural Eye Camps transform the lives of thousands of rural poor.


One of the most cherished activities of Sankar Foundation Eye hospital is the organization of Comprehensive Eye Camps in the rural areas in and around Visakhaptnam. The three districts of Vizag, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram are habitat to 1,16,00,000 people around 1,65,000 suffer from cataract.

  • Sankar Foundation conducts eye camps 6 days a week in interior villages of the three districts.

  • The people of the villages are sounded on the day of the screening camp with the help some local NGO groups.

  • A team comprising of a medical officer, refractionists and other support staff screens people for disease symptoms.

  • Those identified with cataract and other eye diseases of cornea, etc glaucoma, squint  are selected and referred to the base hospital for surgery on a specified date.

  • On the said day a bus picks them up from the villages, gets them to the hospital and surgeries are performed.

  • They are accommodated in the wards and given quality, sumptuous food free of cost.

  • The next day, the bandages to the eyes are opened and they are given counseling on how to take care of their eyes in the future, along with the necessary medication.

  • The bus drops them back in their respective villages. Follow up camps are conducted for further assessment of vision.

  • All this absolutely free of cost to the patient and with much love.


One has to actually see the joy in the faces of the patients when the bandages are opened and they regain their sight. It is this joy that is the motivating force of every one working at Sankar Foundation.

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Camp Process

Loud and Clear:
A tom-tom through the public address system gives details of the preliminary screening camp at the village (camp site) concerned.

Helping Hand:
People visiting the camp going through the registration process at the camp site.

Hub of Activity:
Villagers waiting for their turn at the screening camp.

The First Step:
An Ophthalmic Assistant conducting a vision test on a patient.

A Prerequisite:
A staff nurse recording the BP and Lacrimal Passage details.

It’s Vital: Checking Sugar levels in Urine is an important step in the process.

All Ears:
A Camp Coordinator explaining the process ahead to patients selected for surgery at the camp site.

Journey with a Vision:
Patients requiring surgery being picked up at their village to the Base Hospital. And the trip is completely free of cost.

Registration of selected Camp Patients at the Base Hospital.

No Detail is Missed:
A Technician conducting the IOL power calculation at the Base Hospital.

Worth it:
A Physician examining the General Condition of a patient before surgery at the Base Hospital.

Important Process:
Fundus examination being conducted on patients at Base Hospital.

Preparing for Surgery:
Patients being administered local Anesthesia in the Block Room at the Base Hospital.

In Safe Hands:
Surgery under progress at the state-of-the-art operation theatre in the Base Hospital.

Nutritious Fill:
The well maintained canteen at the hospital provides Nutritious food to all the camp patients for 3 days during their stay at Base Hospital.

Comfy: Spacious and well-ventilated wards provide the much-needed rest for camp patients after the surgery at Base Hospital.

How’s it?:
Post-operative evaluation being conducted by an ophthalmologist at the Base Hospital.

Healing Touch:
Medicines being given to patients by a para-medic at the Base Hospital.

Safety Tips:
Post Operative Counselling to the Camp Patients at Base Hospital.

Return Trip:
Smiling faces of patients discharged speak volumes. They are dropped at their doorstep free of cost.

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