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Natural Product Chemistry

We offer services for extraction and isolation of natural products from various natural sources catering to the needs of the customer. 

Custom Synthesis


We offer the cost effective strategies for the synthesis of building blocks, active pharmaceutical intermediates required for the drug discovery research of pharmaceutical industries.

We also offer synthesis of fluorescent bioactive scaffolds which can operate as diagnostic tools in biological screening of essential targets.

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Projects and Dissertation Guidance

We offer guidance and training to students for their projects in the areas of Natural product Chemistry and Synthetic organic chemistry. 

Analytical Services and Training


Services for analyzing the organic samples through Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Differential Scanning calorimetry (DSC) will be offered at our institute.

Additionally, the institute also provides hands on experience for handling instruments such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer and Differential Scanning Calorimeter.

Scientific Manuscript Preparation, Formatting and Proof reading Services


We offer the best service for research manuscripts preparation, formatting and proof reading service in English. We assure you that our proof reading service will turn your scientific data into perfect manuscript in your desired format. Utmost care will be taken in editing English of your scientific data. Please send your scientific results by email to and specify the service name you require. A price for this service will be quoted to you within 6 hours after submission of the paper. Research manuscripts preparation, formatting and proof reading service for one of data will usually take 10 working days.

We Promise you:

1. The best quality

2. Two-layered checking

3. Quick delivery

4. Competitive pricing

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