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General Ophthalmology

Location: Ground Floor

The Hospital offers basic diagnosis and treatment for all the common eye disorders, mostly relating to the anterior segment of the eye (pic of anterior segment of eye). The General Ophthalmology department is the first place where patients who come to the hospital with an unknown eye problem are directed. Basic Vision screening and diagnosis is done here and the patient is examined by the Ophthalmologist and the treatment advised. If any specialized treatment or further analysis needs to be done, the patient is referred to a specialty clinic.

The following are the eye disorders that can be treated/diagnosed in the General Ophthalmology section :

  1. Glasses Prescription

  2. Cataract Diagnosis

  3. Pterizium

  4. Glaucoma ( basic diagnosis)

  5. Other eye diseases of the anterior segment


The following are the equipments available at the General Ophthalmology section:

  1. LCD Vision Charts Manual eye testing to assess the spectacle power required.

  2. Auto refractometer a computerized eye testing instrument. It gives accurate measurement of the spectacle power required.

  3. Non Contact Tonometer is used in measuring the Intra Ocular Pressure for detecting Glaucoma.

  4. Digital Photo Slitlamp is used for the photographic documentation of eye abnormalities.

  5. A Scan ultrasound biometry used to determine eye length for calculation of intraocular lens power.

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