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Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve (the nerve at the back of the eye) is damaged, often in association with raised pressure within the eye. This leads to a reduction in the field of vision and in the ability to see clearly. In most cases glaucoma sufferers will experience no symptoms until significant damage has occurred.

Screening for Glaucoma is done as part of standard eye examination in the General Ophthalmology division where the intraocular pressure is measured using tonometer. Patients with suspected Glaucoma are sent to the Glaucoma Department for further detailed check up and treatment.

The following specialised equipments are available in the department:

  1. Humphrey Filed Analyser- useful in recording visual fields and managing glaucomas. It also finds use in the diagnosis of vision related problems associated with brain.

  2. Zeiss Visu Yag Laser is used to punch a hole in the iris to relieve the increased pressure within the eye from acute angle closure glaucoma. It also helps in treatment of a thin opacification of membrane after cataract surgery.


  Where glaucoma cannot be arrested by non surgical interventions, a surgery called Trabeculectomy is performed. It involves removing   part of the eye’s trabecular mesh work and adjacent structures. It allows drainage of aqeuos humour from within the eye to underneath   the conjunctiva where it is absorbed.

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