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Operation Theatres

Location: Third Floor

The surgery process is at the heart of any hospital and Sankar Foundation boasts of the most ultramodern, state of the art operation theatre complex. The entire third floor is dedicated to the operation theatres and the associated processes.

There are eight operation theatres and the entire design centers around maintaining a high standard of asepsis. The process flow takes care of maintaining utmost standards of sterility by avoiding movement of unsterile items in the sterile corridors. The eight operation theatres are encircled in a loop where half the loop is a service / un-sterile corridor and the other half as sterile corridor. The CSD (Central Sterilization Department) acts as a barrier between the two zones.

Two operation theatres and a scrub form a unit and there are four such units. Each operation theatre is a spacious room completely coated with poly urethane on the floor and the walls. They have special scientific doors for complete seclusion of outside air. Inside the theatres, there is a side throw air conditioning system with high efficiency particulate filters (HEPA) of 0.3 micron filtration which completely filters any dust particles or microbes from the incoming air. The water in the scrubs is double purified at the plant level and by UV exposure at the theatre level. Each theatre has a centralized.


Supply of medical gases including oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air and vacuum. There are two ICU beds for emergency. Each theatre set has a central pass box with two doors – one on the sterile side and another into the unsteriled corridor. The doors are programmed in such a way that only one door opens at a time.

The central sterilization department has an exclusive totally mechanized laundry only for the operation theatre linen. It has two horizontal cylindrical steam operated sterilizers and a ETO sterilizer. There is also a state of the art instrument drying machine.

The whole complex including the block rooms has been so designed that positive pressure is always maintained and there is minimal chance of infections. A dedicated operation theatre exists at the ground floor to take care of the infected patients who come from outside. A Separate Operation theatre exists for each specialty which will facilitate training of doctors specialty wise.

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