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To prevent Childhood Blindness caused by refractive errors and other common Eye diseases, Sankar Foundation has initiated the School Children Eye Screening Programme.


As per estimates, every minute a child looses vision somewhere in the globe.  The number of blind years the children are suffering from and the economic burden on the society are enormous.  To address this problem we at Sankar Foundation have established Paediatric Ophthalmology Department, which is headed by a trained paediatric ophthalmologist and supported by anesthetists, optometrist, refractionists, nursing staff and councilors.  The camp screening equipment consists of Vision Trial Box, Portable - Auto Refract Meter, Portable Slit Lamp, Ophthalmo scope, Tono Meter, Retinoscope and Streak.Our outreach team conducts school screening camps to detect and correct refractive errors, identify children with more serious problems who were brought to our base hospital along with their parents and thoroughly evaluated for diagnosis and management of the eye diseases. Any surgery required for cataract, squint, corneal transplantations, vitreo-retinal diseases, ophthalmic plastic diseases, orbital diseases, will be performed at the base hospital.


We have so far visited 1,098 schools and screened 2,53,929 school children, distributed 5,601 spectacles free of cost to Below Poverty Line children and performed 2,027 paediatric surgeries.  All this is possible because of the help and encouragement received by the benevolent donors like you. So far HPCL-VR, GAIL, NTPC, JINDAL, State Bank of India, Murugappa Group - Coromandel Fertilizers, HZL- VEDANTA, VCTPL and TRIMEX have supported the program.

For example, some of the findings are given below:

Student Name Government School Name, Place Class Age / Sex Spectacles Power
G MUTYALU Z.P.High School, Oodacheeputupalli 9th 14 / M -18.0/-2.5x70 -15.0/-2.0x110
S BHAVANI A.P.R.School, Girls, Thanam 8th 13 / F -6.00sph -6.00sph
L RAMALAXMI A.P.R.School, Girls, Thanam 8th 13 / F -4.75sph -4.75sph
CH SHIVAKUMARI A.P.R.School, Girls, Thanam 8th 13 / F -2.75sph -2.75sph
L BHAVANI A.P.R.School, Girls, Thanam 6th 11 / F -6.00sph -6.00sph

 Brief outline of our comprehensive school screening programme is as follows:
a) Our outreach teams will conduct Eye check-up of each child in school premises as well  as train teachers on vision screening.
b) Distribution of Spectacles to the students identified as having Defective Vision which are made of Resilens fitted with the choice of
    15 Polyamide carbon Frames.  
c) Distribution of medicines (includes Eye Ointments; Eye Drops) as per requirement.
d) Distribution of Vitamin A & D Capsules to all the primary School children.
e) Referring the identified students to our base hospital for providing further treatment and surgery, as outlined earlier.

From time to time marks scored by children with spectacles are collected to assess the impact of our programme on their education.

To screen the non-school going children between 0 -15 years, and also to address the school dropouts, Sankar Foundation has identified Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and has accorded the permission from the Project Director of ICDS for conducting eye screening camps for the Anganwadi children. The ICDS authorities have identified visakha-urban mandal and attached the Child Development Project Officer(CDPO) and supervisors & anganwadi teachers of each sector of the mandal for the same. The visakha urban mandal is classified into 4 groups,( i..e) Godari Gothulu(I), Gollalapalem(II), Kancharapalem(III), Indiranagar (IV) spread over 100 centers. Sankar Foundation has trained anganwadi teachers for identifying children with various eye diseases. On the day of screening, all the children at the Anganwadi centre were issued vitamin A capsules first, which has also attracted the school dropout children in the vicinity to attend the screening camp.

Sankar Foundation has also conducted school screening in a number of private schools in Visakhaptnam, both in the urban and rural areas. It is also an active participant in the Tribal School Children Programme of the ITDA, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

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