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Sankar Foundation has received innumerable accolades from a number of people, known and unknown, for its noble work. Here is a sample….



"It is a pleasure to be here- you are doing wonderful work that is much needed".


Sir John Major  


former Prime Minister, Great Britain  
9th March 2005  

"A Great day for Sankar Foundation. Wish you continued success with your goals. You can make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands".


Gullpalli N Rao  


Chairman, IAPB 
on the occasion laying of foundation stone of the new hospital on 9th March 2005 by Sir John Major  


"A great privilege to be here. A very special place".


Mervyn Davies  


Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Plc  
9th March 2005  

"It has been a pleasure coming to the Sankar Foundation and actually seeing the work being done by the institution in rendering service to the poor. The facilities and building have an excellent ambiance and the patients go back home in a delightful state. The techniques of counseling also appear unique and are landable.

I appreciate the efforts of Shri A Sankar Rao & his team for attempting to bring about a silent revolution in "Eye Care".

I wish them success and good luck in their endeavors".


N.S.Narayana Rao  


DGM, SBI, Visakhapatnam  
17th April 2010  

"It is an honour and privilege to have been invited to share the growth story of this esteemed organisation which is carrying out yeomen service in the field of eye care. The facilities in this hospital are par excellence not generally seen I noticed in ever world class private hospitals all the wait goes to shri Sankar Rao, his team of dedicated professionals for contributing not only finances but self less untiring services. I pray god for the growth of this organisation and for the good health, prosperity of shri Sankar Rao garu and his team of dedicated personnel."




Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Visakhapatnam  
23rd Mar 2010  

"Its my privilege to visit such an August Institution devoted purely to serve the needy. Mr.Sankar Rao, the founder is an inspiring man to many a  youngsters in the North Coastal Andhra, also congratulate Mr. Arun CEO of the organisation & the team of Doctors for dedicating their valuable careers & time to the institution."


C.V.Pavana Kumar  


Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Visakhapatnam  
23rd Mar 2010  

"An Institution of excellence carrying charity on such a magnitude without compromising on quality is a rarity. Here is one Kudos to founders, Doctors & Managers. I cherish this visit and wish a very very bright role for this institution in the years to come."


Ajay Kallam  


Chairman, Visakhapatnam Port Trust  
28th Feb 2010  

"Sankar Foundation is doing wonderful work with the needy especially to the tribals. Please keep it up and all the best."




Vitol Charitable Foundation  
28th Feb 2010  

"In deep admiration & humble gratitude to the Sankar Foundation & especially to Mr.Sankar & Arun for making my visit such a memorable and vivid experience. I hope Vitol can continue to support your work for many years."


Clare Homfray  


Vitol Charitable Foundation  
4th Feb 2010  

"I saw today the Divine in Physical expression manned by walking and moving in a higher consciousness above the human consciousness. The Divine Mother's loves in the atmosphere reverberating. I have seen all cheerful faces around. A soul trying to develop to life Divine".


T.V.Ramana Rao  


Retd Chief Engineer, Visakhapatnam Port Trust  
28th Jan 2010  

"My sincere appreciate to the doctors, staff of Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital and my heart felt thanks to sri. A.Sankar Rao garu for untired service to the human kind through out 365 days on 24 x 60 x 60sec. on this day i.e. 61st Republic Day, without taking rest/holiday the Doctors & staff has held on eye camp at my native village and arranged for cataract operations for 133 persons on their cost".

I pray God to give strength and prosperity to the foundation and grow into many centers spread nationally & internationally.


Prof.Beela Satyanarayana  


Vice Chancellor, Andhara University  
26th Jan 2010  

"A temple where dreams come true, take shape and materialise in the form of vision. Its a great privilege to be of some service to this great effort iniative. Wish to continue an association and see the foundation server more and mopre people".


A.K.Das Gupta  


Managing Director, LIC of India, Central Office, Mumbia  
21st October 2009  


D.Nageswara Rao  


Regional Manager, LIC of India  
21st October 2009  

"Wonderful service done by a wonderful organisation. Service to the poor is Service to God". Sankar Foundation by serving the poor is infact serving God in the true sense. I wish the Foundation all Success in all its initiatives.


D.D. Singh  


Zonal Manager , LIC of India, South Central Zone  
21st October 2009  

"Is is my pleasure visiting this Hospital which is the Marvel & head state of art equipment. I wish all the best to this Hospital ---- Eye care facility will reach to poor & need."


Dr.Mohan Rao  


District Program Manager, Vsp  
12th June 2009  

"One of the finest Medical Institute, I have ever seen, run with utmost care to the patient."


Dr.K.N. Murthy  


District Program Manager,Vzm  
12th June 2009  

"It is not possible to believe if one hears about this institution if he/she had no chance to see this place. It is built on 'faith'. The number of donors speaks for itself on this virtue in this place. They are all combining their individual virtues to weave a community that can infectiously affect anyone with their enthusiasm and involvement. kudos to all concerned, they are indeed blessed and today am I seeing this miracle that blew out of one businessman turned donor ! Congrats, Let this miracle continue.""




Principal Secretary, State Health Department  
12th June 2009  

"Very happy to see a nice, purposive, useful blend of intention & objective of Sri. Sankar Rao, the fonder and the capable management of team led by Ms. Manimala and services delivered by committed professional doctors & para medical staff in Sankar Foundation. Wish all the best."


Dr.A.P.Ranga Rao  


Chief HMRI  
12th June 2009  

"Sincerely appreciate the whole management's committment, Sincere efforts and the drive force in running the institution to the extent to be an ideal institute and wish the almighty bless you with much more energy to maintain still higher standards and scientific goals."




District Medical & Health Officer, Vsp  
12th June 2009  

"I am priviliged to visit this esteemed organisation which is involved very much in social service by way of giving vision to the visually disabled. I would like to extend my cooperation in all fields as part of this program whenever my role is expected."




District Medical & Health Officer, Vzm  
12th June 2009  

"Sankar Foundation is doing an excellent job since last 12 years."


Dr.Y.V.Krishna Rao  


District Medical & Health Officer, Vzm  
12th June 2009  

"The purpose of your efforts are praiseworthy. It is excellent to see the high level of service and commitment your team has, particularly to the needy poor. The new lease of life you provide through curing partial and /or complete blindness must earn your institution the blessing of many families each day. Standard Chartered feels very privileged to be associated with many institutions among others to help the cause of blind. Our best wishes for you to grow your reach and increase your surgeries and outpatient care from the tens of thousands to many more".


Jaspal Bindra  


General Manager, South Asia, Standarad Chartered Bank  
9th March 2005  

"I have been volunteering in the Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital for the last week and have been very impressed with the standard of hygiene and the efficiency with which the hospital is run. The patient care is full of compassion and genuine care for well being. Every member of the medical staff and the administration is competent as well as extremely kind. They have treated us as volunteers with open arms and complete generosity. I am greatly indebted to the Sankar Foundation for providing me with this wonderful experience".


Divya Bhat  


Student of Medicine, San Diego, California, USA  
6th August 2005  

"It is amazing to see an organization that gives selfless service to the poor and needy. The positive environment could be felt starting at the gate to the back kitchen. I am fully convinced that all the efforts by the highly dedicated team makes this high tech institute a very successful one. I wish all the best and please keep the good work going strong".


Sadanand Rao and Anita  


Calgary, Canada  

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